RIP Exercise – Monster (2) proposal

In this proposal, you want to fully describe your project’s rhetorical situation; here are some questions to

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get you started:

— who is the rhetor?

— what is the ethos being adopted by the rhetor, what is the purpose and style of the rhetor?

— what’s your message going to be? What do you want to portray about either your class text or class theme?

— who is the audience(s) and what are some of the expectations of the different audiences–what do they know and expect?

— what type of text will it be? what is the medium you will use for

delivery? what is the genre (or genres) you’ll be working with? what are some of the conventions of the medium and genre(s) that you will be

following (because they are part of the form of the genre or because your

audience will expect them?)

— what is the context? Is it for a current-day audience? is there

anything in our historical time period that would impact your text or how

you construct it? Is it within a specific cultural context? (for example,

within the UCI culture) — what about the culture in which it is set might impact your text or how you construct it?

— Also please describe a model text that you have found to help

you as you construct your own text.