Rewserch / Writing / Asignment

Prepare a 3-page overview describing the research article that is provided (“Feeling Bad On Facebook: Depression Disclosures By College Students On A Social Networking Site”). Answer the questions below:

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  • Using APA 6th edition format, write the complete citation for this article, including authors, year of publication, title of the article, name of the journal, volume number of the journal, and page numbers of the article.
  • Who were the participants in the study, how many were there, what was the sex and ethnicity of the participants, and how did the authors find them? Note: This will be in the Methods section.
  • What question did the researchers want to answer? What were the hypotheses?
  • What methods did the researchers use in the study to try to answer their questions? Note: This is found in the Methods section.
  • How did the results answer the researchers’ questions? What were the limitations of the findings?
  • What are the implications of the research findings and what future research do the authors suggest to contribute to this goal? Note: You will find this in the Conclusion section.
  • Did you find the research interesting? What did you learn from it? What more would you like to know?