Revision of Literature Review

Below is what needs to be revised, my teacher said it was great and I received an A but she wants to see more APA direct quotes with page numbers and authers, I have attached the gradign rubic for the paper to help you 🙂 I also attched the paper you have wrote so you can jsut make some corrections. This is jsut a revision from the paper you wrote. This is your opportunity to revise the Introduction and Literature Review from Unit IV.

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Take the time to make substantive revisions and take into consideration my instructional comments and the rubric. Understand that as the paper develops you will continue to “tweak” these portions.

When revising, be sure to access the Study Guide and strictly follow the ideas on page 3 and 4 of the Syllabus.

Do not short cut your revision, as time has been spent on detailed comments and if not followed, the grade will drop considerably.

Should you not understand any comments from Unit IV, please email me immediately. Take the time and effort to get this portion correct, as it sets the tone for your entire paper.

-A direct quote is cited with the page number for print sources or the paragraph number for electronic sources placed in parenthesis after the quote, if the author was previously mentioned in the sentence. (p or para #) If not, it is added to the author and title at the end.(author, date, p. #)