Response to student minimum 100 words

Respond to fellow classmates with at a reply of at least 100 words about their primary task response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. For your responses, giving 2 pros and 2 cons of each to further the discussion.

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Here the student paper down below:

It is very important to have a treatment plan when trying to help clients with addictions.A treatment plan refers to a written document that outlines the progression of therapy.Treatment plans consist of therapeutic plans and interventions.In some cases, this is never ending.In developing a treatment plan, it is important to talk with the client about the progress that they are making. This makes the therapy more meaningful and effective.As with any treatment that is administered by a professional, the professional must adhere to ethical guidelines.Ethically, a therapist or counselor, should have a treatment plan in mind while they are working with the client.

In order for a treatment plan to be successful, it must be effective.There must be goals or objectives, active participation, support, outcomes, and client involvement.Goals must be established at the beginning of the treatment plan.This is the phase where the professional will find out what the client is interested in working on.Knowing why the client initiated therapy is very important.When goals are stated or set. They must be measurable.It must be determined what will be used to measure the success of the treatment.This also helps to determine when the client is ready to terminate therapy. Actively participating shows how much the individual will actually work to meet the goals that have been set.The counselor should show much support win this phase.It should be communicated how the professional plans to help the client reach the goals.An overview should be given on what to expect during therapy.The client has told you what they expect, now the professional needs to let them know what is expected of them.

Normally, the treatment is at a private practice setting.This is how the support system is left out.This is something that is vital to the client’s progress. The support of the professional is not enough.In order to be successful throughout their lives, they will need support from their family, peers, and community.Outcome is the last important aspect of the written therapeutic plan.The outcomes should be consistently reviewed.The interval that works best for the client, should be chosen.The involvement of the client is crucial.If the client has no say so or doesn’t give any feedback then the treatment plan serves no purpose and has no meaning.

I feel that the client involvement step is the most critical step in the treatment plan.I feel this way because if the client is not involved in the treatment process then the plan is void.The client’s participation or involvement is what makes the plan of treatment successful.It is a must that they are involved from beginning to end. They must explain the problems that they are facing. They must agree to participate in the treatment that has been suggested. They also must give feedback in order to measure the effectiveness.

It is important for a client to follow the plan from start to finish. This will ensure that the goals that were set are accomplished.It also helps the client to be in a better position when trying to live a normal life.There should not be a problem with this happening if the professional goes over the plan from beginning to end with the client.In order to increase the client’s potential for success, I would make sure that I let the client know when they are doing well.I will congratulate or celebrate them.I would make sure that I make myself available to them.I will try to be with them every step of the way. If I am not able to be with them, I will arrange for someone else to be available.