Response to Shonna Andrews DQ2

There are many stressors that affect Adolescents in today’s society. One of the most common external stressor is the Peer/Social Stressors. Included in this type of stressor is the Rejection and Peer Pressure. The Rejection stressor takes place when there is a break-up between a boyfriend and girlfriend. Peer Pressure is the influence from someone in their peer group or circle of friends (Cincinatti Childrens, 2019). These two stressors are very well defined by adolescents. When these stressors occur, there is an increase in risk-taking behaviors, such as, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Isolation, Anorexia, Binge Dating, Sexual Activity, Drug and Alcohol abuse, and/or Criminal Mischief. It is always best to have a good support group and be able to identify with coping techniques for any stressor that may occur; have a person to confide in, praying, attending church, leaving the situation, exercise, listening to music, journaling, and hanging out with positive people (Elmore, 2018).

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