Response paper-for films

Beau travail (dir. Claire Denis, 1999)
Cooper (2013) refers to Todd McGowan who uses the notion of
“atemporal cinema” to describe Beau travail’s final scene: “the
ecstatic, singular dance that … extends into the credits.” Cooper (2013)
wonders about how Galoup, the film’s protagonist and its “doomed
subject” can find pleasure in his failure. The key to the
question seems to be related to temporality, to the repetition and
re-embodiment of loss, which is “at the core of our being.” Departing
from Denis’s film, look for examples of films that discuss and/or
represent loss as their driving force. What audio-visual and textual
strategies do they use? How does loss manifest itself?

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Requirements: at
least one reference to Cooper (2013), APA formatting (Times New Roman
12, single spacing, in-text citations, reference list)
IMPORTANT: Always back up your claim and always put evidence(sources) that support your claim.