Response 2 to Discussion 1 r.r.

Respond to this post and share an additional intrinsic motivator to the situation your classmates suggested. Explain why you think your motivator would work as well.  (50 words or more)

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One teacher I worked with had a treasure box for the children to pick something out of at the end of the week for those who did well or got in green the entire week. This was an extrinsic reward because it was a tangible item for the children to actually have but it also motivated the children to want to do better or continue doing good each week.

It is very important that children learn at an early age that they are in control of their behavior; other things or circumstances can affect their behavior but it is their decision on how they react to something. Rewarding and punishing children shows them that there are consequences for their actions, both good and bad. When children learn that “good” actions have good consequences and “bad” actions have bad consequences this can make them or help them to want to do good. In order for children to begin to make “good” choices or decisions, they have to be encouraged and helped along the way. Encouraging children and modeling appropriate or positive behavior ourselves motivates children so that they do not feel incapable and by doing this we become their locus of control. As a result children will want to do better not only because of a reward but also because of the positive feedback from us as their teachers/caregivers and how it makes them feel. Sometimes children may not remember everything we say to them but they will remember how we made them feel; if we make them feel appreciated and happy for good deeds then they will want to continue doing good because everyone wants to feel appreciated.