Response 1 to Discussion 1 m.p.

Respond to this post and share an additional intrinsic motivator to the situation your classmates suggested. Explain why you think your motivator would work as well.  (50 words or more)

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In my classroom I use an extrinsic reward to motivate my preschoolers to behave.  I give them treats to motivate them to pay attention, be kind, and quiet during reading time.  The motivation of receiving a reward or treat for good behavior causes learned helplessness because they only behave to earn a reward and it leads them to “interpret their poor performance as a sign of being bad” (Bojczyk, Shriner, & Shriner, 2012).  Providing extrinsic rewards will also lead to low motivation towards learning. 

  One way to prevent learned helplessness is by giving the children tasks that I know they can perform on their own.  Teaching them things that are within their developmental stage and what is developmentally appropriate for them.  Another way I can lead the children to achieve intrinsic motivation is by modeling the behavior.  “Modelattitudes, ways of approaching problems, and behavior toward others, showing children rather than just telling them” (NAEYC, n.d.).  Children learn best through watching the role models in their lives and following the behaviors they see.  Teaching a classroom that is a child-centered approach will also aide in their intrinsic motivation skills.