Responde to other students, discussion help

Please respond to question 1 and 2 with 150 words or more.

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RPs should be 150-250 words

Add new content, a
distinction, or hypothesis and demonstrate how this new information makes the
topic thread more clear

Draw attention to a
consideration that has been neglected, and demonstrate how this new information
motivates clearer understanding of the topic

Students should contribute to
the discussion based on their course acquired knowledge in a meaningful way.
Posts that simply agree with the IP will not be graded.

1. Let
me start this discussion by stating I believe in free will. We all have the
right and the ability to feel a certain way and then act upon that belief. We
may also change our opinion on that same subject when offered opinions of
others, or as often happens, we age and see the world in a more educated
manner. I stated we have the right to act upon a certain belief, this is true,
but there may be consequences to acting upon certain beliefs. Different ethnic
groups have very different belief systems, so what is considered to be moral to
one may not be considered moral to another. A good example of this is ISIS
beheading people that will not convert to their religion. Here in the United
States, we believe this behavior is unforgivable because first of all, we
believe people have a right to choose their own religion and secondly, their
violent acts are considered murder. According to the morals of most Americans,
their actions are morally wrong, but according to their morals, what they are
doing is morally warranted.

judgements cannot be proven (Rachels & Rachels, 2015, p.42). With that
being said, moral facts, such as cheating on a test is wrong, cannot be proven
either. Ethical Subjectivism is the idea that there are no moral facts, but
rather, different opinions about things (Rachels & Rachels, 2015, p. 34).
This logic may be plausible, but in order to have a functioning society, we
must recognize moral facts. It cannot be proven that murder driven by racial
hatred is a wrongful act, but we cannot allow this behavior in our society.
Moral facts cannot be proven, but society must recognize that non-adherence to
these beliefs would be detrimental, resulting in a chaotic society.

2. My favorite saying that I tell my children all the time is “that
you have choices to make all the time, but you had better think about the
consequences of each choice, because whether the consequences are good or bad
you have to lay in that bed and deal with”. It is very important to be
guarded in your speech and actions because in this life there is no rewind
button  you can’t take back your words or your actions. Free will encompasses
everything in your life which is a very large responsibility. If you think
about it we all have the choice to kill, to steal, to lie, to love, to change,
to cry, to help, and infinite number of free will actions. The only thing we do
not have free will on is the ability to exist. We do have the ability to no
longer exist by suicide. In life we have so many opportunities and every day
more free will becomes unveiled to us and we believe as humans that our ability
to reach certain goals in life are limited, due to the limitations that we put
on ourselves and that society puts on us also. For example in the
African-American culture many now have widen their scope of free will to
include the option to become the president of the United States. For hundreds
of years I know that African-Americans would have never believed that they or
anyone in their culture, had included the free will to become the president of
United States. Through advancement in all cultures free will holds a high
standard of morality. If everyone went around doing whatever they choose then
the world we live in would be chaotic.  Due to vast amount of consequences
that free will holds a moral responsibility of making decisions based on values
and morals is key to maintaining order.