Respond to two persons post utilizing a quote from book to back your response.

Module 3 introduces the topic in contemporary ethics, “Sexual Morality”. This chapters contains six “readings” at the end of the chapter. Your topic for this discussion is… Pick one of these 6 readings and explain why this author’s reasoning is convincing (make sure you use concepts and criteria from Chapters 1-7 in developing your main post). Remember, it helps your grade to support your answers with short, pertinent quotes from the text. (This is the original post to question people were responding to.)

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1.) Respond to Shelby O. Discussion Post: (Minimum of 100 words)

Out of the 18 readings, I chose Sexual Morality on page 395 of the text. I found this reading most interesting and convincing because Roger Scruton uses phrases such as “…to give this love is to achieve something of incomparable value…” (P 395. Vaughn) He is able to persuade the audience into thinking that love– erotic love in specific– is something that we all need and want to achieve. In an earlier chapter, Scruton went in depth on erotic love and how the sense it gives is irreplaceable. In chapter 4, Vaughn discusses morality and the variety of theories that come with it. An issue that many people tend to have with sex and ‘un-pure’ fascinations is the morality of it. They may belief it is taboo, or unnatural and therefore shut down and hide their feelings towards it completely.

Scruton also makes it a point to speak and relate to his readers. On page 401 of the text he states “The reader may be reluctant to follow me in believing that traditional morality is largely justified…” By him choosing to directly confront the reader and back up his position, it makes his reasoning even more convincing.

2.) Respond to Shameka W. (Minimum of 100 words)

The topic I chose is Sexuality Morality and the author I chose is Alan H. Goldman “Plain Sex”. Sexual morality is the study of intimacy and human sexuality and also the expression of human sexual behavior. The author Alan H. Goldman, states that sex is misinterpreted. Goldman seems to criticize utilitarianism. He also rejects the means-ends analysis. He feels that if you perform sexual activities to reproduce, express your love, communicate with your partner, or provide interpersonal realization, that it gives incorrect perspectives of the associations of intercourse to misrepresentation and ethics by insinuating that sexual intercourse in which is not suitable for one of those stereotypes or satisfy one of those tasks in some way are aberrant or insufficient. Goldman believes that sexual desire is a desire for contact with another person’s body and for the pleasure which such contact produces. I agreed with the author when he said you don’t have to be serving a particular purpose when being sexually active such as expressing love, reproducing, or communicating with a partner and that you just need to feel that contact with another person. When I was in my early twenties, I was sexually active with a partner that I had no emotional connection with and felt “fulfilled”. I would describe it as Kantian Morality (Vaughn, L. (2018). Doing ethics: Moral reasoning, theory, and contemporary issues. New York: W.W. Norton & Company).

I will upload some pages from the two above discussion readings.