Respond to three discussion in 2-3 paragraphs

1.Well I used to be a heavy cigarette smoker, I had this bad habit for almost five years until last year; I decided to never smoke cigarettes again. A lot of people asked me how did I quit so quick and easy without any therapy or medication to use, well there was only one answer to all these questions, and it was the caution ads the cigarette packages had on them. These ads showed very disturbing images on the pack showing ill patients and had warnings about what cigarettes can cause. These ads slowly stopped me purchasing cigarette packs because the images would disturb me a lot and these pictures made me wonder if I would ever become that ill, after realizing it would I stopped using cigarettes. The biggest helper was the disturbing ads and “smoking kills” warning on the pack. It made me self-aware about the harms of cigarette smoking and even being around cigarette smokers. I believe it’s a good way to remind smokers to realize what they’re doing is wrong, and it’s killing them slowly but surely. It reminds people about the importance and urgency of what cigarettes can cause very specifically using disturbing images, and this is also a great way to prevent young smokers because images will discourage children and even get them scared.  If these warnings and images could make someone like me quit, I believe it can help much more people who are not aware of what it could cause in the future. These warnings influenced me to do something very healthy in my life, and I know it will make millions more because it’s a good way to steal the attention of someone and making the fonts big and using disturbing images makes an impression.  I believe advertisements that are useful to humanity should be promoted more and in the better way to influence the whole world.

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The article that most interested me on the New York Times was “23 More Athletes Suspected of Doping Could Be Kept From Rio Games.”  This piece written by Rebecca R. Ruiz interests me because I am a future Winter Olympic hopeful for curling.  My curling team was just told that we would be sponsored by the United States Curling Association and be a part of their high performance program.  This pre-Olympic program has sponsors like Nike, Ram Restaurant & Brewery, and many more.  I am very excited to begin training for future successes in curling, but this article about Summer Olympic athletes from the past two Olympics using illegal performance enhancing drugs really shocked me.

  Rebecca Ruiz is shedding light on to the great number of athletes that got away with using steroids or other performance enhancing drugs in the Summer Olympics for years.  How where they able to get away with this the first time they were drug tested?  This article has made me skeptical of the drug testing process.  How is it that so many athletes are able to get away with doping for years until they are caught?  People like Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and Lance Armstrong were all tested for illegal performance enhancing drugs multiple times before they were caught.  Even after they were caught they were not shamed anywhere close to the level they should have been.  The Olympics should be the highest level of competition and their drug tests should never let any athlete slip between the cracks.  As a fellow athlete, it frustrates me that this many competitors were able to get away with cheating in two Summer Olympics.

  31 athletes from 12 different countries and 6 different sports were all discovered to have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs after the IOC retested 454 doping samples from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  Why do these elite level athletes feel the need to use dope?  They have made it to the Olympics after a lifetime of hard work and training.  Why tarnish this lifetime of work with the use of a substance to make you slightly stronger?  If they feel they are not strong enough, then they should have trained harder and not used dope.  I have lost a ton of respect for these Olympic athletes due to this article and I hope that Olympic drug testing becomes more effective in the future to never let doping happen again.  I believe that this is the message that Rebecca Ruiz was going for in her article.  I hope that none of these past offenders are allowed to compete in the upcoming Olympics in Rio and that the competition in Rio is exciting and dope-free.

3.Generation Like

Currently we are living in a world where social media is playing an huge role. Companies are using to promote products and people are trying to get famous by trying to make viral videos.  Companies are making money and advertising their product by our likes, follows and reposts, technically we are the ones who is making money for these companies by showing our interest on things. In the movie “Generation Like”, I realized that Steven, the guy who started uploading skateboard videos started with a couple of hundred views but than he realized people were getting more views if they had models or attracting girls in their videos so he started using them and he started getting thousands of views. I felt like it was the same thing companies were doing in their advertisements to sell products, objectifying women  that we saw in “Killing Us Softly”, that was something I realized and connect it with this video. After doing little research on Youtube, Its true that videos that have women have more views in general than others. This topic is also something that I’m familiar because I use to have gaming channel a couple of years ago, it wasn’t a major thing back than, I would only get 50 to 100 views but my friend who is doing it currently has thousands of viewers and that’s why he got a deal from the gaming company. Which is really weird to filter in your brain, my friend gets paid literally for playing a game good and making people watch him. 10 years ago no one would believe something like would happen but it’s happening, from my point of view if I owned a company I would promote most my products on the social media because millions of people are social media users and it’s cheaper to promote your products on social media than promoting it on the TV. I disagree with companies who aggressively promotes their companies by putting ads all over the websites, I feel like that just repels the customer.