Respond to 2 classmates posts for CAPSTONE COURSE

Reply with at least 200 words each…cite any references used…write as if you are speaking to the student

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I believe all of the class I have taken throughout the MBA program prepared me for the simulation. The simulation gave you the opportunity to demonstrate leadership, marketing, finance, strategic decision, and conquer ethical situations. The classes relevant to the above topics provided the foundational skills needed to assess situations in the simulation and make the best decision possible. I also believe that the working in a team that was not localized was crucial a development point for those who intend to lead a global organization and cross continental collaboration is essential. The only subject I can think of that may have needed additional consideration would be Strategic Risk Management. I believe a course in this subject area would have prepared the group to anticipate the needs of the airlines market in time to meet the demand. I believe my team may have missed some opportunities for growth due to not identifying or quantifying strategic risk. A conservative strategy was used rather than determining the probability that our decisions would yield performance metrics above or below expected levels. Overall, I enjoyed the simulation and how it incorporated all course taken to provide a practicum to ensure I can utilize each competency effectively.



It became apparent about a week in that a majority of the courses taken would relate to the simulation. Leadership, ethics, finance, data analysis, you name it – all of these were applied and assisted with the decisions that had to be made. I will be honest that my finance course wasn’t (and really never has been) a strong suit for me and so figuring out the finance end of it would have been difficult if not for our VP of Finance who helped make sense of the whole thing. Overall it was an interesting and great learning experience.