researching Big Data, accounting homework help

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you will
be researching “Big Data.”  The idea of
big data has seen huge growth over the past several years, and I want you to be
familiar with it.  For this assignment,
you will be required to gain an understanding of big data utilizing at least
one article found either online or in a publication and write a paper that
includes the sections noted below.

Individual Writing Assignment 2 should be
organized to include the following sections:

o  Define
big data and how it relates to business and accounting.

o  Summary
of the article (or articles) selected.

o  What
are the strengths and opportunities?

o  What
are the weaknesses and challenges?

o  How
does this relate to accounting and accounting information systems?

o  Citations
for any direct quotes used in your paper and proper referencing of your

Individual Writing Assignment 2 should be at
least 1-2 pages single spaced and  must
cover the topics noted above for full credit.