Research & Summaries Question

You may choose your own topic. Just make sure you use 3 academic references

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Remember we are not doing anything but a paper that is easy and similar to your other discussions just pick a narrow topic

Suggestions are:

How China raises their children. This topic then would be entered in the ProQuest search engine from your Library link. Pick at least three (3) academic references

This paper you may not use an online copy and paste from a museum or a dot org or dot com ( or and certainly not Wikipedia or an encyclopedia as these are not academic sources.

I like the text version of an article and there is a box to limit your search to that. Even the online book works. Waiting for a hard back copy from our Library would not give you time to get all of this done.

Paper Guidelines:

Times Roman, double spaced, 12 Font, Black ink only and pictures are great but they do not count towards content. The cover page and reference page do not count either of course. You may use MLA or APA style as either are what most of your disciplines use. Make sure to cite the sources and create a works cited page.

Grading Rubric:

Topic and a list of at least three (3) academic references

The Paper= submit on the 90 point tab please

A minimum of 4 pages are required