Research Study Evaluations ! PRIMARY SOURCES

Research Evaluation Template .docx you will use this template four times for each primary source. 

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Sample Evaluation 1.docx

Sample Evaluation 2 .docx

Sample Evaluation 3.doc

Above, you will find the attached file to use to evaluate 4 primary sources (research studies/reports) for your paper.

You are to locate 4 research studies on your topic (from scholarly sources) and complete the form for EACH of the studies (if you are unsure if your resource meets the requirements, ask the instructor). DO NOT copy and paste information from the article directly to your evaluation form.  Use the template provided and answer the questions in your own words. Make sure to put the file name and the number of the evaluation. 

This assignment is aligned with the following course objectives: Gather and use academic resources effectively and according to the standards and rules of academic integrity in formulating and presenting a substantive interpretation, argument, and/or analysis of a problem or issue; Researching a topic, developing an argument and organizing supporting details. (MTTS I)

Each research evaluation will be worth 15 pts

Dear the three Sample are just an example for you to know how do you work on these!! 

Please Please make sure is a primary source and Please let me know if you didn’t understand what to do. i have to get the whole points witch is 60 points for this assignment.