Research Paper using MLA Style, write 4 pages!

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Research Paper using MLA Style 

The production of this research paper is the primary focus of this course. Half of your course grade relates to the components of the paper and the paper itself. The paper will need to be a minimum of 4 full pages and a maximum of 9 pages in standard class format (Work Cited page does not count toward page length). Papers that fall short of the minimum length will receive a grade reduction. I will distribute possible essay topics (topics will grow from our readings and discussions) and a specific assignment sheet later in the semester. For now, you should know that the final submission of your research paper will need to include the following elements:

1. A typed abstract (200 – 250 words)

2. A typed, thorough, developed, sentence outline

3. A typed first draft (minimum 5 pages)

4. A typed second draft showing revision from Draft #1 (minimum 4 pages)

5. A typed, annotated bibliography (5-7 entries)

6. A typed final version showing improvement from Draft # 2 and with a Works Cited page (no cover page)

7. Copies of all your sources

8. All elements should be presented in a folder.

Potential penalties: Each draft should show significant improvement from the preceding one (in other words, you cannot just print out two versions of the same essay and call one a “draft”!). Your paper will receive a 10 point penalty for each missing or insufficient draft. The paper will receive a 10 point penalty for a missing Works Cited page. The paper WILL NOT be graded until copies of your sources are submitted and late penalties will apply.