research paper The economic change in Saudi Arabia

hallo there, I want you to write a research paper about the economic growth in Saudi Arabia based on oil. but I need you to send me the proposal and annotated bibliography in 2/7 and the outline 3/7 and the whole research in 5/7. I have the thesis and the 3 ideas of the research and the ideas are :

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  • 1-How the economic was when they first found oil
  • 2-how is the economy in the Present since their economy only deepened oil
  • 3-how the economy will change in the Future since they are planning to do changes

thesis statement : Saudi Arabia is the one of world’s leading oil exporter and second largest producer in the globe. Therefore, I’m going to illustrate how the oil change the economic growth in the past, present, and the future since they are starting to reduce their dependence on oil in 2030.

I’ll attach the rubric and an example of the proposal and annotated bibliography from the other student that the research format and launguge should be similar. try to write it in simple words

in the annotated bibliography you should write how the source is reliable and valid

in the research try to underline the arguments and the counter arguments