Research paper on Supply Chain Coordinator

Once you have posted your selected role in the Managerial Response Team, you will write a 750-word minimum APA-style research paper (how to write a research paper guide: that includes the following:

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· A description of the role/position as you understand it, specifically

1. The level of the management the position is on (please remember- none of the positions is about Chief Executive, Chief Financial or Chief Operations officers at hospitals or other HC organizations. Your roles are not performing at the senior executive level).

2. Immediate supervisory and subordinate chains

3. The main skills necessary to be effective and efficient in this position

· An explanation as to how the role you have selected is vital to this particular case.

· What contributions your position will be able to make from the position of the consumer? Payer? Provider? Other stakeholders (which ones)?

· What will your scope of involvement entail?

· A description of how your role will interact with the other roles. What will the reporting structure look like? Who will you be working with and in what capacity?

The paper (no more than 3 pages) should be formatted according to APA style requirements and include a minimum of two credible resources from the course readings, UMUC library or other credible sources. An abstract is not required.