research paper of Magical Realism

Start working on a minimum 1,500-word research paper explaining Magical Realism. I suggest that you research what Magical Realism is, how it came about, the great authors of Magical Realism, and finally how it manifests itself today, that is to say, in what genres. Please include and quote three to five outside sources, use the MLA format, and in the process of the paper explain what magical realism is, how it developed, some of the great authors and works, and its international scope today. If you have any questions, please email me immediately. The documented essay is the last writing assignment, and of course the largest. This one should be 1,000 words or at least close to that number.You must have three to five sources, all of which are quoted in the body of the paper consistent with MLA style. The paper uses parenthetical references and has a Works Cited, which, unlike the annotated bibliography, contains the reference but not the annotations. 

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