Research online, And essay itself.

There are two parts to this question I would like answered first being the outline, second being the actual essay, i have provided below what i would like this to be on. I’ am looking for a tutor that is willing to provide me with top quality work. (Top Marks)

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I would like the essay itself to be on whether violence in sports has increased or remained the same and whether technology has added to exposing more and more violence to get viewership.

Think –

Sports industry turning into more a business.

Technology is better then it ever has been therefore we can maximize our exposure to violence now more then ever.

For example, slow-motion video now allows us to watch and re-watch athletes’ injuries, you can even freeze frame the video and watch the whole thing unfold, picture by picture like a power point presentation.

I want the standpoint to be that yes it has increased and one of the reasons is technology, another is along the lines that there is a push now more than ever to make bigger stronger faster better everything in our society.

How you put this together is up to you.