Research Argument Outline

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Health Implication of
Coffee Consumption

Research Argument Outline:

(15 points)

Due: Tuesday, Dec. 4 on Blackboard.

We have explored various aspects of the researched argument paper—from wise topic selection and the classical structure (in the beginning) to MLA format and citations (in the end of the process).We have not covered the outline yet, nor have I asked you to delineate the blueprint for your paper.In this assignment, we will do so in a simple manner.It should consist of:

  • Your thesis.Write one sentence as your arguable thesis statement.If you feel the need to articulate your thesis in more than one sentence, this is fine as well.
  • Your supporting details to bolster your thesis.

Outlining can take on various forms and levels of complexity.I simply want you to think about if you are organizing your paper in a clear, logical manner.This does not need to be an overly detailed outline.It does not ask for other parts of the classically structure researched argument, such as the intro., background, counter argument, and conclusion.

If you would like to write a more comprehensive outline, please feel free to do so.However, your outline might be as basic as the example below.

Since the outline is due only a few days before the end of class, there will not be time for detailed feedback on my end.This is more a check-in for you.I will simply assess that you completed the outline based on the assignment parameters.Though, if you would like some feedback, please let me know, and I will happily do so.

Example Outline:Marijuana Addiction

Arguable Thesis:Marijuana is an addictive substance that leads to psychological disorders and it is imperative that the public audience becomes aware about this situation. Three factors play a role in this addiction.

  • Marijuana’s potency has an integral role in this and will be further explored.
  • The second factor is the accessibility of the product, as it is becoming increasingly easier to obtain the drug.
  • The third factor are the withdrawal symptoms experienced, which prove this is an addictive substance.