Repsond to classmate post for Social Science Course


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Please do not write things like “I agree with the student”……

You need to talk like you are me….sya things like “I agree with you when you said/pointed out”



I took a survey called Cognitive Reflection Test that is in the Cognitive Reflection square of the website’s home page. The survey webpage is located at This was a random survey that asked three cognitive questions. I think this test is trustworthy from the stand point it did not ask anything about my age, sex, race, demographics, etc. It was completely random and only compiles information from random people that take the survey. The only bias it may have is that it only surveys people online and not the rest of the population that is not online. So, the results do not represent the entire population. It only represents people online that agree to take the survey.

2. Bad Blood Ch 8 – 11

In Ch8, page 114, the following statement was catching to me. According to Nurse Rivers, the meeting places that were setup to preform blood testing was “overflooded”. “Most had never had a blood test and had no idea what one was.” These people were at the mercy of the government doctors that were not telling the patients what was really going on. This would be a major violation today but was no cause for alarm with people during this time it seemed.

In Ch 9, page 138, Dr. Cumming, the surgeon general rote the Tuskegee Institute to express his desire to study untreated syphilis at greater lengths. Dr. Cumming also stated, “if possible to bring a percentage of these cases to autopsy so that pathological confirmation may be made of the disease processes.” The Tuskegee Institute had no objections and supported the investigation. This is shocking to me that here is another part of the community participating in the cause or support of deaths due to the lack of proper treatment.

In Ch 10, page 152-153, I was surprised that Nurse Rivers would go through so much trouble on her behalf to make sure autopsies were preformed on the dead patients. She was very good at making the autopsy process sound routine by calling it an operation She felt she had to convince the family to agree to the autopsy or she would lose her job. She was deceiving but respectful all at the same time.