Religion 092116 NATIVE RELIGIONS discussion questions, writing homework help

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  • Native Religions

    For this discussion, post why you think there has been a resurgence of interest in native religions in recent times?  What reasons make you think that the interest will last?  What reasons suggest that interest may be short-lived? First make a list of the native religions with which you may already be familiar with and build your discussion from your list.  Describe where your knowledge came from.  Discuss possible connections between the modern  environment movement and native religions.  In the second part of this post respond to the following statement. “Some have said that urban people in the modern world romaticize the attitudes toward nature held by indigenous people.  What is your assessment of this opinion?  See if you can find published texts or articles that illustrate your assessment.  You may use your textbook and other sources to produce this post.  Make sure that you cite all sources in either APA or MLA format.   . 

  • Easter Island

    In this discussion question conduct an internet search on “Easter Island”.  As a part of this post you may want to watch the film Rapa Nui, (not required but will be useful for this assignment).  Where did the people orginate?  What kind of culture did it have? How are its statues explained?  What caused its decline?  What religious practices are carried out there now?  In your post investigate connections between the traditional cultures of Easter Island, Tahiti and Hawai.  What similarities did you find regarding statues, temples and deities?  .