Reflection paper ​(The Breakfast Club movie)

The Breakfast Club

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Objectives: You should be able to understand how images of the self are reflective through interactions with others.

Applications: This film is a valuable one to own. It represents a host of communication concepts that are discussed in the text. This movie and exercise show how our self-images are composed of a multitude of factors, not solely the way others view us or the way we view others. This activity is especially applicable to information on self-concept and self-esteem and their relationship to self-image.

Watch the movie “The Breakfast Club”- note the various conversations between the central characters that depict an individual’s self-image. Answer the following questions as your reflection.

1- How did the characters change their self-images from the beginning to the end of the movie? 2- How do the self-images of the students in the film represent a categorization by other people such as the family? 3- Are the various roles depicted reflecting the characters’ self-images? 4- Provide examples.

I upload a picture for the movie.