reflection paper 4-6 pages (1500 words) ethical reasoning

It is essential that the paper has a thesis and makes an argument. Successful papers will demonstrate both an accurate understanding of the theory and make a coherent argument with clear supporting reasons, as well as considering possible objections or counter-arguments.

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1500 words maximum), 12 pt. font, and double-spaced with standard 1 inch margins. For citation, include author name and page number in parentheses.

Full bibliographical information following MLA style should be included in a Works Cited section at the end. (For information about MLA style, Aristotle proposes that “friendship” is a certain kind of virtue necessary for a fully flourishing life. He even proposes that “friendship holds cities together.”

Write a reflection paper that considers the value of friendship for an ethical life. Why does he say this? What does he mean by genuine friendship? What are the potential limitations to friendship as a virtue? Are their situations in which friendships may create challenges for ethical behavior? Why or why not? Feel free to draw on hypothetical situations, situations taken from film or literature, or your own personal experiences in writing this reflection. It may also be helpful to situate your discussion in relation to Aristotle’s general notion of the “mean” as a guide in ethical development

Be careful about being overly broad.