Reflection Journal based on two Ted Talks videos

Reflection Journal:

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A reflection journal assignment due based on both Ted Talks videos (The Links are below). The idea of an article reflection is to write a piece describing your reactions and analysis to the two videos. In general reflections should be about an equivalent of a page but may be more. Some questions you must to think about when writing your reflection are:

  • What was the main point?
  • What was the most ambiguous or least understood point?
  • What did you learn from the article/video?
  • Of what value is this?
  • In what ways were the articles/videos similar?
  • In what ways were the articles/videos different?
  • What important questions remain unanswered for you?

Use the following Ted Talks videos links to view the two talks:



****Please make sure to write in coherent and analytical written.***