reflation essay

Purpose: To examine the culture of UIW and how you fit into that culture, past, present, and future

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Length and Sources: 3-5 pages, double -spaced, no sources other than notes during tour.


  • Students should take notes during the visit
  • How has the exhibit made research engaging and “come alive?” Why do you think the information was organized the way it was?
  • Consider and explain how you are part of the collective culture of the University; also, how is it part of your individual identity? How has the work that the Sisters done become part of your life?

Writing the Essay:

  • Describe two things that you saw that define the culture of UIW in some way.
  • Return to your definition of culture from your first essay.How does UIW fit that definition? Are there any similarities or differences in your definition and what you saw?
  • Explain your answers to b) and c) above

this is the place that we went to…

Also, here is my definition of culture in file.