Recommend Legal Forecasting

For this assignment, prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you outline your recommendations from the point of view of legal counsel for a university to minimize legal exposure on the part of the institution while still providing for student lead organizations and activities. Base your recommendations both on your interview and on relevant literature. Consider the following points of interest and relevance:

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  • Criteria are valid for universities in reviewing the actions of fraternities and sororities.
  • Can the university require codes of conduct for student organizations?
  • What rights and nondiscrimination principles must a university protect in regards to student organizations?
  • What liability does an institution incur for athletic injuries?
  • What liability does an institution incur for wrongdoing by student organizations?

Include speaker notes for each slide. The speaker notes will contain the bulk of your message, while the slides support your message. Remember to support your ideas with citations and references.

Length: 10-12 slides, with a separate reference slide

Notes: 200-300 words per slide

References:Include a minimum of five scholarly resources


The Red and Black (2009, February 19). Student organization under fire for marijuana [Video file].…