read two article and write about three paragraph

Choose one of the four stories listed in this week’s readings. We should all have read the story, so do not summarize it. Instead, go to the list of 10 trends on pp. 1-2 of this Road Map. You may also consider characteristics mentioned last week (Change, War, Psychology, and Expanding Borders). Find 1-2 of those you think your story reflects. How does your story show this characteristic of 20th Century and After British Literature? Give specific details or quotes from the story that supports your interpretation. Also, what do you think the main point, idea, or theme of this story is? What was the writer trying to get us to see? Do not recycle other students’ ideas!

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  • Paragraph 2: Choose one of the eight poems listed in this week’s readings. What do you think this poem is about? What is it saying to you? On what do you base your interpretation? Refer to specific lines or techniques in the poem to defend your reading of it. Also, do you think it reflects any of the trends we learned about this week or last?
  • Comment or Question: Comment on any of the Resources I have included for you this week. Did you react to one of them? How so? If you prefer, ask us a question based on any of this week’s stories, poems, trends, ideas or themes.
  • about 200-300 words.
  • I will send the article to you.