read the prompt and than write the discussion

After you have ranked these in order of strength, and value to your argument FOR adoption, passage or consideration of legislation (or a proposal or recommendation, redefinition or other policy position or recommendation) share briefly your notes and incorporate the word “because”in your draft argument using just ONE criteria.

For example: (1) Coverage.

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Estimates by Prof. Expert of UC Irvine suggest that expanding the amount of federal funds available to developers of low-income housing as recommended by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) would produce 100,000 new or refurbished low-income rental units across the country, including in six major metropolitan areas. (Report 2) With cooperation and matching funds from local nonprofits and city governments, advocates believe that although construction would take at least ten years, a resulting 6% increase in available units would represent a modest if encouraging improvement in the number of available units for a demographic currently unable to locate affordable apartments. This long-term commitment is the best policy answer because it works with both Congress and local public housing agencies and funders in a coordinated effort. A recent op-ed by former HUD director Julian Castro suggests his enthusiasm for the proposal: “This ambitious if thoughtful funding proposal suggests a return to our nation’s commitment to a future of available housing for low-income renters. Further, it will enlist many more builders and investors than previously — developers on whom we rely to guarantee that future.” (Castro 10)

If you like, go to a second or third assessment criteria, whether Feasiblity or Cost/Benefit. Your choice.

I leave it to you to choose how many to use in your essay but for now please complete at least ONE.

250 words, minimum. Note: You should be able to use some version of much of this writing in your actual essay. (Better to write more now, and edit out what does not work.)

Never mind those three pages of the book