Read instructions

In the attachment, you will find words at the end of some pages (under Key Terms) they are about 50 words.

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you need to find each word consider under which event or issue (Economic, Social, or Political) Then connect it to what was happening in American History at the time. Include dates, and names of people involved and the outcome of the event, issue or term itself.

So for Example :- Ku Klux Klan :- Choose is it (Eco, Soc, Pol). Then put the date it was found/ended. Who is the leader or the founder. and what they did or what happened for them. (2-3 lines maximum) then move to the other vocabulary.

* This should NOT be an essay. Just like points. – Word 1 – Word 2 ..etc

Also there is my friend’s answer. Please just take and paraphrase it. because i need it very soon (1 hour).