read how the might fall and respond to the questions below

These are the guidlines that were provided by my teacher.


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Objective: To determine a level of comprehension of the material provided in How the Mighty Fall Instructions: Read How the Might Fall, and respond to the questions below. Responses will be graded on

clarity and completeness of information.

Length Guidelines: Each section should be approximately 1⁄2-1 page, approximately 3 1⁄2 – 5 pages.

  1. (10 pts) The author references the “silver bullet,” or lack thereof, throughout the book; to what is he referring? Explain
  2. Reference some of the companies highlighted in the book as examples to help relay your understanding of each of the following stages of decline:
  1. Hubris born of success (15 pts)
  2. Undisciplined pursuit of more (15 pts)
  3. Denial of risk and peril (15 pts)
  4. Grasping for salvation (15 pts)
  5. Capitulation to irrelevance or death (15 pts)

3. (15 pts) How can strategy be renewed from “well-founded hope?”

Here is a link to a summary of the book.…

feel free to find a different summary if this one does not suffice.