read chapter 1 of the greatest decisions of all time quot apple brings back steve jobs quot for this case study

Read Chapter 1 of The Greatest Decisions of All Time, “Apple brings back Steve Jobs” for this case study. In an APA format, write a 400-600 word paper about the decision making steps and processes that you identified as crucial. Thus, select two or more groups of questions from the numbers below to answer. Thoroughly address at least two groups of your choice. Our books, including this one, are great references and are encouraged. Be sure to include at least one peer-reviewed/scholarly research as a reference for your paper.

1. Elaborate and share your understanding of the situation and identify the crucial element(s) of the case.How could this story relate to our Learning Objectives this week? Perhaps, acceptance? What was/were the leader/leaders kind of thinking?

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As another suggestion, you may identify one of the concepts from our reading from this case. How could a negative concept have contributed or created the problems in cases like this in the first place? Was someone overconfident or the victim of some other villain in Decision Making that we have studied? For example, you may identify concepts such as self-serving motivation, ego, confirmation bias, or etc.

2. How were the decisions successful? Was it the right time? Did the corporate culture show full acceptance of a leader returning? Were ethical practices demonstrated?

3. What would you have done and why? How could you relate this or apply this case with a Learning Objective?

4. Identify the responsible leadership or operational practices that could have contributed to the profits or further success of the organization or the leader’s career? Elaborate and explain regarding these topics.

Course Learning Outcomes(with match to Program Outcomes)

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Examine the relationship between critical thinking and decision-making and how the leader can determine effective solutions.
  • Explain how they reached their decisions and how they would implement them in the organizational context.
  • Examine the processes and models used by good (ethical and effective) leaders to know when and how to make sound and practical decisions and how to implement them within the organization to solve problems.
  • Evaluate various decision-making techniques and problem-solving models and how these represent actual decision processes
  • Evaluate resources in terms of their usefulness for problem solving in various organizational scenarios.
  • Explore the relationship between critical thinking and decision-making and how the leader can determine effective solutions.
  • Explore the processes for recognizing problems, investigating and collecting relevant information, generating alternatives, assessing them, and leading the group or organization to commit to a good decision and its effective implementation.
  • Explain the factors influencing decision implementation in an organization.