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Format your essay: double-spaced lines, 1-inch margins, 12 pt font. When citing text, refer to the author and page # in MLA format. Use only the primary sources (stories and poems themselves) and do not use research sources. Since you will only use primary sources, no reference list is needed.

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1. Some of the texts we have read in the course explore ideas about freedom. We saw it first in Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” in the first half of the semester, but now we have seen other characters express a will for freedom. Center your essay on an original, worthwhile thesis sentence regarding freedom, and use examples from the texts to demonstrate your points. Use 3 literary examples we have read since the last essay (between 10/16/17 and present) to support your thesis. While you may reference “Story of an Hour,” it may not be used as one of your main examples. In order to earn full credit, your essay must discuss and use evidence from at least THREE (3) different literary works. Be sure to point out literary devices employed in the text, supporting your analysis with examples.

“The Story of An Hour”…

“Salvation” by Langston Hughes

Birmingham Bomb…