read and write 39

please no copy from online or plagiarism

For the passage below, give: each question only 2-3 sentence showing the main points

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1) an explanation of what Nietzsche means in the passage quoted,

2) the general context in which it occurs, and

3) how that which Nietzsche intends to communicate through the quote fits into On the Advantage and Disadvantage as a whole.

“What the ‘world’ is there for, what ‘humanity’ is there for is not to concern us for the time being, unless we want to be funny: for there just isn’t anything funnier and more cheerful on the world’s stage than the presumptuousness of those little worms called man; but do ask what you, the individual, are there for, and if no one else can tell you then just try sometime to justify the meaning of your existence a posteriori, as it were, by setting yourself a purpose, a goal, a ‘for this’, a lofty and noble ‘for this’. And perish in the attempt – I know of no better life’s purpose than to perish, animae magnae prodigus, in attempting the great and impossible.” (p. 54-55)