Read and do you agree or disagree What’s your take

1) Here is an expert from an article posted to the NPR program Science Friday (heard here in Houston on KUHF 88.7 fm). This article is from November 2014, (maybe a little out of date, but still relevant in light of what is happening this past weeks) discusses the role Environmentalism plays in our society and politics today, as compared to the past. Read and then formulate a comment – do you agree or disagree? What’s your take?

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read this…

2) We are all used to throwing away items that we not longer need, want, or are broken. Many of us may be familiar with Recycling (a topic for a later chapter), such as Paper, Plastic, Aluminum Cans, even Electronics. But have you ever thought about the Textiles / Clothing / Shoes that you may discard? Here’s an article from a website titled “Environment 360” (published by the School of Forestry and Environmental Science, Yale University – yes that Yale) that discussed this issue. I guarantee your eyes will be opened.

read this…