RE: SOCW6510 – Assignment 2: Self-Assessment (WK11)

Having had the chance to review your final evaluation of your progress in this course, you will now synthesize the results of your evaluation to help you self-assess your field education experience. By performing the self-assessment, you will evaluate your professional development as a future social worker.

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Was your agency unique? How might the social work practice skills that you developed differ from those of your colleagues? How can you apply the skills that you developed to future field education experiences? These questions might be helpful in critiquing your individual performance throughout this course.

For this Assignment, reflect on your field education experience. Consider the skills that you have developed and how they might contribute to your professional identity as a social worker. Reflect on what you hope to learn in future field education experiences.

The Assignment: (1–2 pages)

Based on your Self-Assessment:

  • Explain the completion of your field education experience, including the social work practice skills you developed and how participation in this course might inform your future field education experiences.
  • Propose personal action plans for future field education experiences.

You have my evaluation from last weeks assignment to complete.