Racial and Ethnic

Part one: Discussion Spark – United States Census

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Examine the U.S. Census form and locate the questions that pertain to race and ethnicity. Post your thoughts about the way the United States collects information about race and ethnicity on the Census form. In addition, what would you keep the same about the way race and ethnicity information is collected? What would you change?

Part two: Main Discussion: United States Census

Post a brief description of your racial and ethnic identities; that is, how do you define your race and ethnicity? After reading about the constructionist model, explain how it influences your racial and ethnic identities. In your explanation, include specific references that are personal to your racial and ethnic identity. Finally, briefly explain what you see are the benefits and limitations of a constructionist approach to one’s identity.

Part three: Journal – Social Class

To prepare for this Journal:

  • Review Readings 1, 4, and 7 in the course text, The Meaning of Difference. Pay particular attention to social class and the biological definitions of race and ethnicity.
  • Select one of the articles from this week’s Learning Resources about social class in another country. Consider how social class has changed over time in the country discussed in your selected article. Here are the articles:




Rankin, B., Ergin, M., & Göksen, F. (2014). A cultural map of Turkey. Cultural Sociology, 8(2), 159–179. doi:10.1177/1749975513494878 Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.

The Journal (3–4 pages):

  • Identify the country you selected and provide a brief overview of how social classes function within it.
  • Describe an historical example of how social class in general has changed over time in this country.
  • Discuss what caused it to change.
  • Consider your current social class and describe how your race, ethnicity, and social class are intertwined.
  • Do you believe your social class will change? Why or why not?