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Discussion Board Forum #8 – Ch 6

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Chapter 6 – Deviance: Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

Symbolic interactionist perspective explains that deviance is a relative issue. What is deviant to some may not be deviant to others. In other words, deviance is in the eye of the beholder.

Can you think of examples of how deviance depends on: place/culture/time/individual interpretation?


-use your own word please and DO NOT COPY ANYTHING ON LINE! I will be turn in this home work in turn it in! Please Use easy grammar and must use your word to answer all these questions.

-must be complete by complete sentences (at least Approximately 250-word POST or REPLY that appropriately addresses the topic. )around 6-7 sentences.

-if you need books to answer the questions I will sensed to you.

-use easy grammar and easy to understand! Please!!!!!

———————————————————————Next, read and respond to at least two other students’ posts.(for every respond 3-4 sentences

1.Deviance in a culture would be disobeying certain ideas and moral beliefs that have been embedded for individuals to follow. In a place deviance would be not following the rules that a specific location has such as going to a club not meeting their dress code that is if they are strictly enforcing it. Deviance in individual interpretations would be the behavior taken upon the specific individual in a specific environment. For example, at work an individual must abide by the company’s dress code. In regards, to appearance in a food environment an individual cannot seem sloppy or unhygienic because individuals going out to the location may question if they should consume the food prepared or delivered by the unhygienic individual. Deviance is presented solely by the individual themselves and they presume to demonstrate their best traits and qualities for themselves. Being a deviant person can cause conflict for the individual because the person would be difficult to have contact with. The person would create a shallow interaction for themselves to be solely independent. That same individual can cause conflicted interactions with others to be difficult. Cultural deviance vary within cultural beliefs and morals but strives to keep women in a certain perspective and men in a different one. Women are to be much more conservative as males are entitled to be liberal throughout without any high expectations. This too causes deviance to be a factor for women and men through cultural morals and beliefs that have been embedded early on in their lives.

2.Differences between groups can be portrayed as having deviant thoughts or behavior. The dependence that deviance has on places, cultures, time, and individual interpretation can be connected by analyzation.

Religion carries its own set of rules when entering a place of worship. As an atheist, I have let go of the notions and protocols that I was taught in the catholic church as a child. When there are holidays or events that ask for my presence at a church, I attend but no longer participate in certain rituals. The negative reactions I get from attendees, for not following their religious protocol, is very disheartening. Although I am being respectful by quietly attending, I am seen as violating their social norm by not doing what is considered normal church behavior and engaging in deviant behavior.

Breastfeeding in public has created a great debate and deviance in our society. Some people believe it is a beautiful display of a mother and child bonding at feeding time but others believe it is a vulgar act that should only take place behind closed doors. There is nothing morally wrong with breastfeeding in public, but the social implications can be very cruel. Women can be harassed, bullied, forced to leave, or physically hurt because some people feel it is a violation of their norms as a member of society. The people who admire these women will go to great lengths to applaud and praise such courage to go against negative judgement. The differences in reaction to breast feeding surely suggests a social judgement is responsible.

Depending on location, drinking alcohol in the early morning is also considered a deviant act. Usually, having alcoholic beverages before noon is in poor taste and extremely frown upon and can even suggest an addiction. However, in Las Vegas, there is no such norm violation since it is common and encouraged to drink alcohol all day. This form of deviance definitely depends on location for enactment.

All of these examples are created by an individual interpretation of social interactions that generate a violation of ones norms that the group then accepts as their own. Any of these behaviors can be portrayed as a deviant act because it is dependent on the negative social judgement of the other party to be called as such.