Quantitative Annotation Due

Submit one fully developed annotation for the quantitative article related to dialectical behavior therapy applied to working with young adult females between the ages of 17 to late 20s . The article must come from counseling or specialization specific peer-reviewed journals and must have been published within the last ten years.

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Begin your paper by stating the Research Question you are seeking to answer on the technique, theory, or intervention you have chosen for the population you are interested in working with. Write a brief paragraph explaining the rationale for your topic and the key words you utilized for your search.
Each annotation will include:

Article: Provide an APA formatted citation of the article.
Database: Please list which database you used to search for and identify your article.
Rationale: How will the source help you respond to the research question?
Problem/Purpose: What was the purpose of the research study and what question were the researchers trying to answer?
Ethical and Cultural Considerations: Describe at least one specific element of the research design that addresses an ethical or cultural consideration.
Sampling: Please include information on how the sample was identified (random, convenience, etc.) where the participants were recruited, and how many were included in the study.
Data analysis: Describe what data was collected and how the researchers analyzed the data. Provide a brief overview of the outcome of the analysis.
Strengths and Limitations: Describe at least one strength and one limitation for the study.
Implications for Practice: Based on your understanding of the outcomes of the study, describe one way you can incorporate the information into clinical practice with the population you identified.

Use the provided template for this assignment