Pure Transcendence Essay- Argumentative essay, topic of your choice, must abide by material requirements

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This essay marks the culmination of the overall Critical Argumentation Project. Of the three essays, this one asks for the highest degree of sophistication and novelty. For “Pure Transcendence,” your aim is to transcend—or, “rise above”—the partisan differences that may divide individuals on the topic. Your primary aim, then, is to formulate a position (and an argument) that could reasonably satisfy the demands of your supporters, opponents, and “undecideds.”

For this essay, it will be helpful to assume something of a “problem-solution” perspective toward the situation: The “problem” is the presence of disagreement about the topic, and your “solution” must invite a greater sense of consensus. Along these lines, it will be imperative for you to think about the ways in which you can foster a sense of common ground and identification that is capable of resonating across those divergent audiences. As with the previous two essays, you should strive to synthesize: (1) your personal viewpoint on the issue; (2) research-based information that you have gathered; and (3) the rhetorical/argumentative strategies that you have drawn from course readings.

1) As far as Pure Transcendence goes, it’s kind of like this… the very issue–that fact that it’s controversial–is predicated on the idea that “Group A” and “Group B” don’t see eye-to-eye. Your goal, then, is to transcend their differences by identifying some higher order principle — what we might call “Factor C” — that can offer the groups some source of common ground. So, in sum: “A” and “B” are divided, and you want to find “Factor C” that can bring them into alignment. I realize that probably sounds very abstract, but as our pal Kenneth Burke would say: ambiguity is a site of opportunity. Use the ambiguity to your advantage and think creatively about what kind of values/principles/perspectives/experience might possibly unite the opposing sides on the issue.

MLA or APA format

at least 10 credible sources

minimum 5 pages