Public Administration


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Suppose you were appointed economic advisor to a less-developed nation in Africa. The nation seeks to encourage capital formation and wants to increase the rate of savings of its own residents and encourage foreigners to invest in their nation. What role would you assign to property taxes in this nation to achieve its objectives?

Additionally, choose from your textbook readings, and discuss two other “features” of an economic system that you would recommend this country implement. Explain and justify each choice.

Prepare a paper—no longer than three pages—in which you discuss these issues. One significant paragraph or a couple of shorter paragraphs is adequate for each topic. Use headings to identify each section of your paper: Introduction, [Property Tax], [#2], [#3], and Conclusion. Be sure to include at least three citations (your textbook and two other sources). This activity functions as a summary of your study for this course. CSU requires that students use the APA format in writing course papers