Psychology of Learning VI

Unit VI Project

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Course Project Part 4

Self-Management Plan

As the final component to your course project, your paper must include the following elements:

A description of the behavior change you wish to establish through a self-management program. What specific measurable behaviors would you like to increase or decrease?

An analysis of the behavior or behavior pattern. What factors contributed to the choice of behaving in this manner? What might be sustaining it now?

Identify a theory that would apply to this particular choice of behavior.

Identify the long-term benefits of changing the behavior. For example, do you expect this change to lead to better health or more effective performance at work or school?

Describe the training strategy. How will you monitor yourself and track the changes in your behavior?

How will you motivate and reward yourself as the changes become established?

Plan proactively for obstacles. How will you manage relapses to the old behavior, if they occur?

How can you support the new behavior?

two pages single spaced, minimum of three sources.