psyc 1012 introduction to counseling

Informational Research Project

You are to choose a topic which directly relates to counseling and/or therapeutic issues. Think about WHY someone would seek out a therapist or a counselor and you have your topic.

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Do some informational researching as to the history of the topic, any interesting background information, how prevalent the topic is, who does it affect etc. See if you can find information on how the topic is treated in sessions and which type of counselor or therapist is best able to help the client who may be suffering from your topic. ( My topic is about ANXIETY)

The format is a professionally presented, typed, double spaced, free from spelling and grammar errors, research paper with ALL sources documented. Suggested length is 4-5 pages, so you can tell this is NOT an in depth paper. The purpose is to provide BASIC information about a topic which interests you and probably others. The grading will be based on the following:

Background and History 20 points

How the topic has been treated and types of approaches best suited 20 points

Professional formatting 10 points.