Provide your personal definition of caring. Incorporate principles of holistic care.

Requirements (This is a two-part assignment)

Criteria for Content

Part 1:

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Take a moment to reflect on how you demonstrate caring in your current professional practice. (You can select either option)

  1. Create an original artistic representation of your perception of caring in nursing.
    1. Drawings must be original and hand-drawn by the student. It is strongly advised that you sign and date your original drawing..Drawings should be formatted on an 8.5 x 11inch document and submitted as a PDF.
    2. Poems or short-story – Word document 1 page in length

Part 2:

In a one- to two-page written paper, address the items on the assignment rubric.

Submission Requirements

  1. Application: Use Microsoft Word 2013™ to create the written component of this assessment.
  2. Length: The paper (excluding the title page and reference page) should be at least one but no more than two pages.
  3. A minimum of three (3) scholarly literature references must be used. APA 7