Proof and Edit MSA Capstone Paper, sociology homework help

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Chapter 3 MSA attachment is the doc you’ll be editing and adding the documents to……

Please complete the following and read the instructions from the instructor thoroughly:

1. Please proofread Chapter 1-3 and make sure that it’s grammatically correct in English grammar.

2. Please add more content to Chapter 3 to make it more well-rounded; it has to be in detail and include a precise plan for collecting data about the participants of Liberty House.

3. Please use the templates attached (Permission letter, Survey letter, and Consent Form) to add to Chapter 3 in the order listed below. Please add appropriate information about the research on each template.

4. Please update the table of content; make sure the page numbers are correct.

5. Please review the Proposal Template and make sure that the paper follows the guidelines of the Template exactly.

6. Proofread, proofread, proofread

Front matter

Chapter 1 Research Problem

Chapter 2 Literature Review

Chapter 3 Methodology


Appendix A Permission Letter (draft – does not need to be signed … formatted per example in Student Guide to …)

Appendix B Survey Cover Letter (formatted per Student Guide to the MSA Capstone Project)

Appendix C Survey (formatted per examples in Student Guide to the MSA Capstone Project and onBb)

Appendix D Interview Consent Form (formatted per Student Guide to the MSA Capstone Project)

Appendix E Interview Questions (withLikertscale and expectation that respondent will expand on score for each question)

NOTE1: Survey and interview appendixes are needed only if you are doing survey and/or interview.

NOTE2: If you are using existing record data (patient records, student records, etc.) rather than or in addition to surveys or interviews you must describe the precise location for the data, not something ambiguous like “various articles and Internet sites” – you must be very specific.

NOTE 3: Chapter 3 must have extensive details regarding your precise plan for collecting data. It is critical that you provide me (and your future capstone instructor) with the detail so that we have confidence that you have a) closed your eyes and thought through exactly the steps for collecting your data, b) documented that extensive detail, and c) communicated your detailed data collection plan and approach.

NOTE 4: Be sure to follow the directions in the Proposal Template when writing Chapter 3. Here is a second examine regarding developing the Data to be Collected sub-section: if one of your sub-questions is: “Are personal factors causing students to not complete the capstone project in 16 weeks?” then you must explain the data associated with this sub-question. Data for this sub-question might include: number of children, amount of over-time worked, time management abilities, self-control, ability to work in anun-structured situation, focus, and so forth.