Project Management tools

This is a 2 step project, Just have to add to pretty much on the second:

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Now that you have created a work breakdown structure (WBS) for your project, your manager would like you to begin to determine any additional tasks needed to complete the work packages. You can think of work packages in the WBS as the “nouns” of a project deliverable. These nouns help you to determine the tasks, or “verbs,” for the project schedule.

For example, a work package could be a textbook for a project to design a course. The tasks needed to obtain the textbook could be to search publisher Web sites for textbooks that are relevant, and purchase the textbook that best meets the course’s objectives. Alternatively, you could have tasks such as write the textbook, edit the textbook, and publish the textbook.

  • What additional tasks are needed to create the work packages for your chosen project (the IT or the construction project from the 2 scenarios in the last DB)?
  • What are the starting and finishing dates of the project?
  • What are the project’s key milestones?
  • In what order do the tasks need to be completed?
    • Do some tasks need to be completed before other tasks can begin? Why?
    • Can any tasks be completed at the same time?
  • What are the durations for the tasks in days or weeks?


se your Unit 2 Discussion Board responses to help you determine the tasks and subtasks. Once you have identified tasks as needed for your chosen (construction or IT) project, complete the following:

  • Add any additional tasks and subtasks that will help you to create work packages to your Project 2010 document you used in Unit 1. Be sure to change the file name to “Week 2.”
  • Place the tasks in the order in which they will be performed in the project.
  • Approximate the durations for the tasks, and add start and end dates for the tasks.
  • Add project key milestones to your Project file.
  • Add “Predecessor” or “Successor” to the project tasks that you add to you Project file.
  • Generate a Gantt chart, network diagram, and milestone chart for your project.

Prefer at least to be done in Project 2010 or 2016 would be the best. Need asap. I have the two files needed for you to see.