project budget


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Using the
following information, create a projected budget for a new program, the
After-School Girls Program, for twenty students at the Sojourner Truth
Settlement House.


1.Revenues: Contributions ($117,000), Foundation ($150,000), Student Fees
of $200 per person ($4,000), and In-Kind Services ($5,000) because the program
will use some of the existing after-school program space.

2. PS Expenses: Executive Director @ $150,000
(5 percent of time), Program Coordinator @ $100,000 (10 percent of time),
After-School Girls Program Coordinator @ $65,000 (100 percent of time), and one
staff person @ $50,000 (100 percent of time). Fringe benefits are 20 percent of

3. NPS
Expenses: 20 computers @ $2,000 and 20 printers @ $800, equipment (copier and
software) for $7,000, two phones @ $950, In-Kind Rent ($5,000), supplies
($10,000), and travel to eight colleges ($12,000).

4. An
indirect cost of 10 percent of the total budget for utilities and
administrative support.

should be in excel.