project 1 risk threat and vulnerability management

Version 1 – 5 Aug 2019

Lab – Good answers to questions. Missing summary of lab findings and experiences. Remove extra screenshots not supporting a question.

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Briefing – Recommend use of notes page to discuss each slide. Need name and class ID to title slide. Screenshots in slides too small to read and should be deleted. Missing all steps and facts from each in slides. Nothing on NIST SP 800-53 security controls applicable and were tested. Nothing covered for security analysis baseline, network defense strategy, plan the pen test engagement, conduct network pen test and risk management cost benefit analysis. Recommend a question slide to close briefing.

SAR – Paper had turnitin score of 37%. Need to review turnitin report and see how to get the score down to the teens or lower. Missing focus title on paper. It should be security assessment report (SAR). No page #s and less than 12 pages in length. Don’t use a table of contents without page numbers. Recommend use the checklist to make sure all items are covered in documents. Center all major headings to page as it is the step or section in the checklist. Don’t use roman numerals. Be sure to indent first line of each paragraph. Recommend adding an introduction to introduce paper. Label all tables and figures IAW APA style. Missing network diagram with text explaining it. Security analysis baseline section less than minimum 3 pages. Missing most of items specified in step and checklist. Network defense strategy needs work. Less than minimum 2 pages in length. Nothing discussing and showing your procedures that others can use to assess the security controls. Plan Pen Test Engagement section less than minimum 2 pages. Missing letter of intent and rules of engagement. Conduct network pen test less than minimum 4 pages. Missing discussion on what security controls were found violated and the recommended fix. Risk Management Cost benefit-analysis less than minimum 1 page. Missing specific costs to implement each violated security control found. Conclusion needs more discussion on the main points from the paper. References have wrong heading for compliance with APA. References need to be more peer-reviewed journals and sources. Some not in APA format. Some citations not in reference list. Some references not cited where used.