Product Attributes, Branding and Positioning

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             Please Get done Exercise 1, and ready (Marketing 2) to know how to start on it.


              1. To
create an awareness of the nature of product offerings relative to
customers’ shopping behavior.

              2. To
improve your understanding of the many attributes, including
branding, that comprise a product offering           and the strategic
importance of positioning.

            Not all of these sources may
be available through the Cook Library Towson University, but may be available from
other University System of Maryland libraries or other local sources.


  1. If
    your plan involves a
    tangible good:
    the product classification that your product concept would fall
    under and explain the implications for shopping behavior (i.e.,
    whether your product would likely be viewed as a
    shopping, specialty or unsought good
    and the entire marketing mix.

                                                                         (Marketing 2)

    There are many different variables to consider
    when defining our products market segment category. Fresh Pies
    organic menu offers a selection that will meet both current and
    future consumer wants with regards to healthy eating. The market of
    our service is focused on a younger population. Our targets are men
    and women aged 17-35. This age group is based off of our geographic
    location which is a college town. We appeal to all of the students at
    Towson University which consists of 18,779 undergraduate students and
    3,720 graduate students (Towson at a Glance, 2014). Moreover, there
    are 12,150 females attending Towson University and 10,349 males
    attending Towson University (Towson at a Glance, 2014)).The city of
    Towson also provides 14,081 individuals aged 20-34 that fall within
    our targeted markets (United States Census Bureau, 2012).

    understand that organic foods typically cost more because of the
    health standards but Fresh Pies actually makes its own ingredients in
    order to save money buying ingredients from expensive retailers
    (include NAICS code). Fresh Pies gives it target market the chance to
    remain healthy while eating delicious foods. Furthermore, Fresh Pies
    is hard set on meeting the needs and wants of the healthy eater’s
    lifestyle by building locations near local public gymnasiums (the
    number of locations will increase with time and success). This way,
    people who complete their exercise can quickly run into a Fresh Pies
    location and order food that satisfies their dietary needs. More
    specifically, Fresh Pies is only looking to open one location in
    front of the gym with the most membership sign ups (find a number) so
    our segmented population is larger by default. This also saves our
    company money on advertising.


    genuine requirement for segmenting a business and focusing on the
    clients is to allow your promoting or deals project to attention on
    the subset of expectations that are “in all likelihood” to
    buy what you’re putting forth. In the event, that the organization
    fit to foresee it suitably this will help to protect the most
    astounding return for your promoting or deals uses for a more drawn
    out time of time. (Rowe, & Britz, J2009). The method of the Fresh
    Pies is to take each client as target and potential client who is
    parched, and ready to pay for their thirst. The method is proficient
    enough to satisfy the prerequisites of the brand in today’s
    contending world in likewise in tomorrow. All kind and sort of age
    assemblies is constantly target however the most prospective is the
    age bunch from 18-25 that sanctuaries around 40% of aggregate age
    portions for pies in everywhere throughout the Towson.

    The fundamental target business is dependent upon age. The checked
    onlookers of Fresh Pies are more youthful era or youth. This reach is
    much wide to target. This reach involves the age aggregation of 15-25
    and likewise focuses on the more established individuals. There is no
    sex separation in their focusing on; however the outcomes
    additionally indicate that both gender’s like this item and
    utilization it.


    Surprisingly, this
    item utilized by both genders either male or female around the


    All sort of life
    style focused for pies as it is a low esteem superb item.

    both reliant on their families and individuals

    understudies and family situated individuals

    fun and excitement adoring

    economic status;

    high society, upper middle and lower middle class

    of Towson:

    2010, the aggregate populace of Towson is 55,197, which is 6.57% more
    than it was in 2000 ( The populace development rate is
    more level than the state normal rate of 9.01% and is easier than the
    national normal rate of 9.71%. The Towson populace thickness is
    3,864.61 individuals for every square mile, which is much higher than
    the state normal thickness of 465.39 individuals for every square
    mile and is much higher than the national normal thickness of 81.32
    individuals for every square mile ( The most predominant
    race in Towson is white, which speak to 80.61% of the aggregate
    populace ( The normal Towson instruction level is higher
    than the state normal and is higher than the national normal.